Cyclone Harold batters Fiji, flattening homes (Details)


Cyclone Harold batters Fiji, flattening homes (Details).

As weather reports on the progress of Severe Tropical Cyclone Harold started flowing in yesterday, Volivoli Beach Resort implemented its pending cyclone preparation standard operating procedure.

This included securing and relocating all potentially loose and non-secure items such as outdoor furniture, as well as stand-up paddleboards and kayaks, etc.

A spokesperson from the resort today said cyclone shutters were installed on windows, all gutters, drains and stormwater piping were checked to ensure optimum run-off while the resort also moved most of its boats to secure and protected locations to ensure their safety.

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The spokesperson said so far they had zero structural damage although there were many leaves and branches strewn throughout the resort as they sit-out the next few hours of anticipated wind and rain.

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“The overall outlook looks great, we have a solid and cyclone proof resort and at this stage, I envisage a big day or two of post-STC Harold clean-up and we will be as good as new,” the spokesperson said.

Meanwhile, the team from the resort had also filled on-site generators with fuel and readied additional fuel stock to ensure sufficient quantity to cover for potential power outage.

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Fiji Hotel and Tourism Association CEO Fantasha Lockington said they were monitoring members from all over Fiji who were reporting damaging storm surges from the Mamanuca Islands to the Coral Coast and Rakiraki.


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