Teen death in California, possibly killed by COVID-19


Teen death in California, possibly killed by COVID-19.

A 17-year-old boy from Lancaster, California recently died of septic shock, and many officials are saying COVID-19 likely could’ve been the cause — despite the fact that the boy had no pre-existing conditions, KTLA reports.

Lancaster Mayor R. Rex Parris confirmed Tuesday that the teen and his father both had the coronavirus, the LATimes reports, although it is unknown how the two contracted the disease.

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If the teen’s death is confirmed to be caused by COVID-19, it would be the first case of a minor dying due to the virus in the United States, the Los Angeles County Public Health officials said in a statement, after clarifying that they are waiting on further CDC evaluation before officially declaring the virus as the cause of death in the case.

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According to the LA Times, the boy was taken to a hospital last week after experiencing “acute respiratory problems,” but was released without being tested because he did not have health insurance. He later sought treatment at a second hospital, where he was tested for the coronavirus and admitted. The New York Times reports he died of septic shock before receiving the results of his test: positive.

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Fox News reports that sepsis is a known complication associated with COVID-19.

“The virus can in fact infect people across the board,” said Los Angeles County Public Health Director Barbara Ferrer to the Los Angeles Daily News. “All people need to be vigilant and practice every directive that’s being issued.”


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