Maryland Popeyes sandwich stabbed, The incident occurred on Monday evening


Maryland Popeyes sandwich stabbed, The incident occurred on Monday evening.

A man was fatally stabbed at a Popeyes in Maryland after a fight erupted over the fast food chain’s popular chicken sandwich.

Jennifer Donelan, Director of Media Relations with Prince George’s County Police, tells PEOPLE a brawl broke out inside the eatery, located on Livingston Road in Oxon Hill Monday evening.

The altercation grew so out of control that it moved outside of the restaurant where an adult male was brutally stabbed to death, Donelan explains.

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Sources close to the situation say the altercation was “in connection with the sale of the chicken sandwich.”

The man was rushed to a nearby hospital, where he later died, Donelan says.

The identity of the man has not yet been revealed to the public.

At this time, no arrests have been made as the suspect has not been identified but investigations continue into the deadly brawl.

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The horrifying incident comes just one day after the sandwich was brought back to the menu.

After its debut in August, the chicken sandwich achieved wild success and sold out in only two weeks.

In October, Popeyes announced that the menu item would be coming back.

Popeyes tweeted a video to announce that the sandwich will return to the menu permanently starting Sunday, November 3.

They made sure to note that they’ll be “Open Sunday,” unlike their competitor Chick-fil-A, which is always closed for business on Sundays.

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CEO Guillermo Perales of Sun Holdings Inc., a franchisee company with around 150 Popeyes locations in its portfolio, told Bloomberg last week that because the first time around they “weren’t ready” to satisfy the demand, they plan to hire an additional 400 employees this time. He also added that the restaurants might dedicate two employees per location to making the sandwiches themselves.


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