Teacher Spina Bifida student, Teacher praised after kind act for student in wheelchair


Teacher Spina Bifida student, Teacher praised after kind act for student in wheelchair.

A JCPS teacher’s act of kindness gave a Tully Elementary School student a chance to go on a field trip with her friends.

Shelly King’s 10-year-old daughter, Ryan, has Spina Bifida and uses a wheelchair. King said her daughter is often unable to accompany her classmates on field trips because the locations aren’t always accessible.

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When they learned about an upcoming field trip to the fossil beds at the Falls of the Ohio, King expected to keep her daughter home or plan a field trip of their own. But a teacher at Ryan’s school, Jim Freeman, offered to carry her on his back so she could explore with her class.

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Thanks to Freeman, Ryan was able to attend the field trip independent from her mother, which King said was important.

The gesture meant so much to Ryan and her family that King wanted to get the message out. She said after all that Kentucky teachers have been through recently, she wanted them to know they are supported and loved.

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King made a post on Facebook about Freeman’s kindness, expressing her gratitude for local teachers.


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