Steve Bland Georgia car seats, officer, dad-to-be helps buy young mom new car


Steve Bland Georgia car seats, officer, dad-to-be helps buy young mom new car.

A Savannah police officer and dad-to-be went above and beyond the call of duty when he helped a young mom buy two new car seats for her twins after a traffic stop.

The Savannah Police Department posted a sweet photo of Officer Austin Neumann holding one of the twins Saturday.

The post has been shared nearly 400 times on Facebook, with nearly 140 comments and 1,800 reactions.

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Police say a group of Savannah HEAT officers pulled over a 21-year-old mom in Albany because she had no license plate. When they stopped the car, they also realized her 1-year-old twins were not properly restrained and the car seats did not have harnesses installed.

When officers Neumann, Steve Bland and William Daniels talked to the mom, she told them her car had recently been stolen and she had just started a new job.

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Cpl. Bland went to buy two new car seats for the twins while Neumann and Daniels entertained the toddlers.

Neumann’s wife originally posted the sweet picture of her husband with his new little buddy on her Facebook page.

“This dad-to-be melts my heart!” she wrote. “I can’t wait to see how he is with (our daughter!)”

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Savannah Police shared the photo praising the officers for their actions.

“In the end the mother drove away with a completely different outlook on police and two brand-new seats,” they wrote. “Thank you for not only getting this little one a safe car seat, but also taking the time to be his new friend!”


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