Jose Espericueta son Joaquin’s dad died in the line of duty


Jose Espericueta son Joaquin’s dad died in the line of duty.

Following the death of Mission PD’s Cpl. Jose “Speedy” Espericueta, the department vowed to take care of the fallen officer’s family; that included being present for major life events.

On Saturday, police officers from various departments and agencies attended a middle school football game where they watched Joaquin Espericueta, the son of Mission’s fallen officer, take the field for the first time.

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“We made a promise to the family- we were always going to be there for special events and today this is his first football game,” said Javier Lara, officer with the Mission Police Department.

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Dozens gathered at the James “Nikki” Rowe Football stadium in McAllen to join in on Joaquin’s big day and show their support for the family.

“This would have been Speedy’s place, to be here with his son,” said Mission Police Chief, Robert Dominguez.

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As the department came through on their promise, their support made this game memorable for the 7th grader as well as for his family.

“It’s an important day for him, his mom and his sister and it’s an important day for us as part of his extended family,” said Dominguez.


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