Chanel Miller interview, ‘Rape is not a punishment for getting drunk.’


Chanel Miller interview, ‘Rape is not a punishment for getting drunk.’.

Stanford University’s attempts to compensate Chanel Miller for her sexual assault on campus severely missed the mark.

For instance, the university told Miller it would put up a memorial garden and a plaque near where Brock Turner raped her on campus in 2015. But when she selected quotes from her viral impact statement to put on it, the university turned them all down, NPR reports from a preview of Miller’s memoir Know My Name.

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Before revealing her name in a 60 Minutes interview earlier this month, Miller was known as “Emily Doe” — an anonymous sexual assault victim. Turner ended up serving just three months of a six-month sentence, but Miller’s impact statement was published and ensured his name wasn’t forgotten.

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But it seems that Turner wasn’t the only one trying to preserve his reputation. Stanford, Miller writes, didn’t seem to care so much about her attack once it realized she wasn’t a student there. It offered her money for therapy in an attempt to stop her from suing the school, making her realize she was “visible not as a person, but a legal threat, a grave liability,” she writes. And when Miller offered Stanford pieces of her statement to put on a plaque near where the attack happened, it turned her down in hopes she would give it “something reassuring and inane, something that implied all was forgiven,” NPR writes. Miller and Stanford negotiated for a while, but Miller eventually turned the school down.

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