Boeing Indonesia design flaw, lapses in 737 MAX crash


Boeing Indonesia design flaw, lapses in 737 MAX crash.

Indonesian officials claim a design flaw was a key factor behind the fatal Lion Air Plane crash last year.

Lion Air’s flight JT-610 was heading to Pangkal Pinang, an island north of the capital, Jakarta, when it lost contact with air control in October 2018.

Just 13 minutes after take-off 189 passengers and crew plunged to their death.

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The draft report into the tragedy, which will be formally released in November, cited 100 failures which investigators believe contributed to the crash.

Failures included the Boeing 737 MAX design, as well as pilot error and maintenance issues, the Wall Street Journal reported.

The Boeing plane model was grounded in March this year after a fatal crash involving an Ethiopian Airlines 737 MAX, which killed 157 people.

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The findings by Indonesian authorities have been shared with United States officials, US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), ahead of the planned visit to Indonesia at the end of September to discuss the report.

However, investigators can still change their findings ahead of the reports official release.

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A spokesman for Boeing would not comment on the findings.

He said the company continues to support the investigation as the accident report is being completed.

The NTSB will announce recommendations to improve pilot and crew training at the end of the year.

Recommendations will also be made to the FAA’s certification process for new airplane models.


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