Pittsburgh: 3 dead, 4 hospitalized in suspected drug overdose


Pittsburgh: 3 dead, 4 hospitalized in suspected drug overdose.

Police are warning the public about the possibility of a deadly batch of drugs going around Pittsburgh.

The warning comes after three people were found dead and four others were hospitalized in South Side. Police said the incidents were related to drug overdoses.

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While all the victims were wearing orange event wrist bands, police say the incident was an isolated drug-overdose event, so anyone who attended a Pittsburgh event and received an orange wrist band has no cause for concern.

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They don’t believe the overdoses were a widespread situation where a bad batch of drugs could have been distributed to a large number of people at a large Pittsburgh event.

However, police say they are concerned about a “tainted, potentially deadly batch of drugs.”

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They say they want to remind people not to do drugs.

“Don’t do illegal drugs,” Pittsburgh Police Commander Jason Lando says.

You don’t know what’s in them, and it could end up in a dire situation.”


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