Casei Jones children bodies, Missing mother of four found dead


Casei Jones children bodies, Missing mother of four found dead.

According to the Marion County Sheriff’s Office, the bodies of a Marion County mother and her four children have been found dead in Brantley County, Georgia.

According to a press release, 32-year-old Casei Jones was reported missing the night of Saturday, September 14th by her family. Her children were also reported missing.

Her family told officials that they had not seen Jones for six weeks.

Jones’ husband, 38-year-old Michael Wayne Jones Jr., was also found in Georgia and is being questioned about the deaths. A warrant has been issued for his arrest for second-degree homicide.

“There are no charges right now for the murder of the children. We do believe he is the one who did that, we believe he did that here, however, we have to confirm the identity of the remains that have been discovered and make sure that all the pieces of the puzzle are put together properly before we bring in those charges,” said Public Information Director with MCSO, Sgt. Paul Bloom.

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According to a release from the Brantley County Sheriff’s Office, deputies responded to a car accident south of the Hickox community.
When they arrived, they identified the driver as Michael Wayne Jones Jr.

While speaking with the driver, deputies smelled a foul odor.

At that point, Jones stated, “you may want to put me in handcuffs because there is a dead body inside of the vehicle.”

Brantley County Sheriff’s investigators were called to the scene along with the Georgia Bureau of Investigations. Further investigation revealed that Jones admitted to concealing the death of other bodies just prior to the traffic accident.

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This concealing was determined to be in Charlton County.

Those bodies were then found in a wooded area in Charlton County off Hwy. 301.

Officials say Casei Jones and her children were killed in Marion County and then taken out of state.

“These murders happened here in Marion County at their home,” said MCSO Sgt. Paul Bloom. “The bodies were there in the home for maybe up to a couple, two or three weeks, and from there moved to the car, and he’s had the victims’ bodies in his vehicle we believe for at least a couple weeks now.”

Trisha Garren, who lived on the same street as the family, says they kept to themselves during the few months they lived at the Summerfield home.

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“It is sad that this happened to this family. I wish she was been able to get away from whatever it was because I have heard that he was on drugs or appeared to be on drugs, let’s say appeared to be, because nobody really spoke with them,” said Garren.

And at least one neighbor may have seen something suspicious. “Other neighbors said that they did see suspicious things like 2-something in the morning, putting black trash bags in the vehicle and only seeing him, nobody else, and that was right after the hurricane,” said Garren.

The bodies are being taken to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation’s Medical Examiner’s Office to be properly identified.


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