Witcher release date leak, the upcoming adaptation of the hit video game


Witcher release date leak, the upcoming adaptation of the hit video game.

We’ve all been waiting with bated breath for a Witcher Netflix series release date ever since Henry Cavill brooded his way through July’s Witcher Comic-Con trailer. ‘Q4 2019’ was always the plan for the much-anticipated adaptation and, if this reported (accidental) leak from Netflix rings true, it’s going to be an early Christmas present for Witcher fans everywhere.

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As reported by CBR, an official Netflix Facebook account allegedly posted a round-up of how many days there are remaining until certain shows land on the streaming service. The Breaking Bad movie is set at 30 days as of yesterday, September 11, which is true. And near the very end of the list? ‘The Witcher: 97 [days]’

After checking – and double-checking – my calendar, that would put the Witcher Netflix release date on Tuesday, December 17. The Facebook post has since been deleted.

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Whether that’s true or not remains to be seen. Netflix hasn’t confirmed the social media snafu and the release date is perhaps slightly later than many would have hoped. A Tuesday may also be an odd day to premiere a large Netflix Original, though Stranger Things have happened. Literally. Stranger Things season 3 launched on a Thursday earlier this year.

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Elsewhere, we’ve been satiated by a slow drip-feeding of news from the Witcher Netflix series. A Young Geralt of Rivia has been cast, while the first image of Roach (and a look at Geralt’s missing second sword, which caused some consternation earlier this year) has also been released.

Now, just 96 days and counting until we can (hopefully) see the real thing.


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