Sweden Trump vanity plate, Swedish man banned from having ‘TRUMP’ licence plate


Sweden Trump vanity plate, Swedish man banned from having ‘TRUMP’ licence plate.

A MAN in Sweden has been told he isn’t allowed to change the number plate of his car to ‘TRUMP’ because the letter combination is deemed to be offensive, according to Swedish authorities.

According to Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet, the man in question Marcus Saaf had told them he was “drunk and thought it would be fun to apply” for a personalised plate.

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The reason he wanted the name of US President Donald Trump emblazoned on his vehicle is because the car itself is American – a black SUV with a V8 engine.

The Swedish Transport Agency confirmed its ruling to The Associated Press on Monday, saying it doesn’t approve letter combinations referring to politics.

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It informed Mr Saaf that its ruling couldn’t be appealed.

The agency explained that they do not allow number plates which refer to alcohol, drugs, sex, profanity, religion, politics, sickness or crime.

“Personal registration plates must not be offensive or inconvenient. Therefore, signs that are deemed inappropriate are rejected, for example if they contain political messages or offensive words,” said Swedish Transport Agency communicator Sofie Andersson.

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The controversy comes less than a month after President Trump became entangled in a dispute with Sweden after judges in Stockholm found American rapper A$AP Rocky guilty of assault, and Trump began campaigning for his release.


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