102 year old hot air balloon, ‘Even At 102 I Can Still Do Big Things’


102 year old hot air balloon, ‘Even At 102 I Can Still Do Big Things’.

A 102-year-old local veteran and hospice care patient just had a wild ride — a hot air balloon ride, that is.

Russel is a patient at Three Rivers Hospice and a U.S. Air Force Recruiting Veteran.

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He’s always dreamed of flying in a hot air balloon, and Don’t Stop Dreaming’, a Western Pennsylvania-based organization that fulfills the wishes of Quality Life Services and hospice patients turned Russel’s dream into a reality.

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On Facebook, the organization said they found a balloon ride with a handicap accessible basket, allowing Russel to take to the air early Thursday morning.

The organization says Russel told them, “I don’t know why I was chosen. I’m not a celebrity and it’s not my birthday.”

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“Even at 102 I can still do big things, I knew I could do it and it was wonderful.”


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