Will Ferrell Adam McKay split, decision in order for them to refocus


Will Ferrell Adam McKay split, decision in order for them to refocus.

We’re gonna need to chug many cartons of milk to figure out our emotions with this. Will Ferrell and Adam McKay, comedy maestros who have been in a creative partnership for well over a decade, have decided to split. Deadline reports that the parting was a mutual and amiable decision in order for them to refocus on their respective interests, comedy or otherwise. Their production company, Gary Sanchez, will also cease after all of their existing projects (there are a few) are completed. “The last 13 years could not have been more enjoyable and satisfying for the two of us at Sanchez Productions,” the duo said in a statement. “We give massive thanks to our incredible staff and executives and all the writers, directors and actors we worked with through the years. The two of us will always work together creatively and always be friends. And we recognize we are lucky as hell to end this venture as such.”

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With McKay in the director’s chair and Ferrell as a leading man, the duo have created some of the most memorable comedy films over the past decade, which include Anchorman, Step Brothers, and Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby. While Ferrell has continued to primarily front light-hearted comedies of late — Daddy’s Home; Holmes & Watson — McKay has branched out to direct satirical dramedies, such as Vice and The Big Short, which have received significant Oscars attention. McKay also recently left the website he co-created with Ferrell, Funny or Die. It’s all good. Whenever they need need to reassemble, they can just break out their conch shells.

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