Brad Paisley free grocery store, needy families in Tennessee


Brad Paisley free grocery store, needy families in Tennessee.

Brad Paisley broke ground on a new grocery store in Nashville yesterday. But it’s not just any grocery store — this will be a free grocery store for needy families in Tennessee.

Wearing a cowboy hat-shaped construction hat, Brad and his wife announced their plans for the store, which will be completely free — even down to the mechanical horse for kids outside the store. When families shop there, they’ll go through a check out line, but won’t have to pay. Brad says this “takes away the sting of embarrassment for a parent who maybe feels that way because they can’t feed their kid. The kids should not know what their parent is going through,” Paisley said. “That’s not stress a child needs.”

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The Dolly Car will make its debut at Bristol this weekend. NASCAR driver Tyler Reddick has done up his #2 Camaro Dolly Parton-style. It’s pink and white, and features Dolly’s face on the hood. The headlights are too small though.

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You can watch the car in action at Saturday’s Alsco 300.

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In an interview in People, Reba McEntire said she and boyfriend Skeeter Lasuzzo are “…totally in love . . . absolutely. I wouldn’t put up with somebody for two years if I wasn’t in love with ’em.” Reba will host the ACMs this Sunday in Las Vegas.


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