Haze Mabry birthday students, worked at Pike Elementary School


Haze Mabry birthday students, worked at Pike Elementary School in Zebulon.

Students at an elementary school in Georgia surprised the school’s janitor with a party to celebrate his 80th birthday.

Haze Mabry, who works at Pike Elementary School in Zebulon, walked into work on Wednesday, March 27 and was greeted by swarms of students who had gathered in the hallways to wish him a happy birthday.

Known as Mr. Haze among students, the army veteran and father-of-four was showered with hugs and gifts from students, whom he said he regards as his own children.

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When the janitor entered the building on Wednesday morning, he was greeted by students who were lined up along the hallways chanting his name.

Students from grade three to five wrote 80 different reasons they love Haze, and created a number of different banners and posters.

Speaking to Good Morning America about the surprise, Haze said: ‘They got me good.’

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‘All those little kids, I feel like they’re my own,’ he added.

Haze, who is an army veteran, has been working at the elementary school for a total of 13 years.

The 80-year-old, who has been happily married to wife Bill Mabry for 55 years, said working as the school’s janitor is the ‘best job’ he has ever had.

‘There’s always something interesting going on,’ he added.

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Other staff at the school say Haze is a great coworker.

Lori Dailey Gilreath, a reading teacher, told GMA that that Mr. Haze is loved by all who know him.

She said: ‘He is the heart of our building and he is the sunshine of our building.’

‘This school would not be the same without Mr. Haze,’ Lori added.

Sharing photos of the special occasion to Facebook, the school wrote a heartwarming message to the janitor.


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