Somalia spies executed by militant group Al Shabaab in Barawe


Somalia spies executed by militant group Al Shabaab in Barawe.

Three Kenyans are among five people who were executed by militant group Al Shabaab in Barawe, Somalia for allegedly spying for AMISOM and the US military.

An intelligence report by Kenyan security forces showed that a middle-aged woman was among those killed by the group.

The woman believed to be from Coast and two men from Wajir met their death by a firing squad on Wednesday after they found guilty of spying.

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In what was a hurried hearing organized by the local militant leader, the five were found guilty and shot at.

The report also stated that the execution followed the successful operation by US drones in Bu’aale, Middle Juba where more than 40 Al Shabaab commanders were killed.

“Al Shabaab militants believe the attack on their high command must have had an insider’s work as it hit the building where their leaders were meeting and planning future targets,” the intelligence report read in part.

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A covert precision airstrike carried out on March 22, 2019, reportedly took out Kenya’s most wanted terrorist, Ahmad Iman Ali.

The intelligence evaluation by Strategic Intelligence – an organization that assesses intelligence reports, geopolitics, military intelligence, and crime reports, revealed that the Kenyan-born terrorist, alongside 40 other Al Shabaab militants, were killed in the bombing.

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Ali – also known as Abu Zinira, was believed to be a top terrorist recruiter within the East African region as well as the head of expansion and media strategy.

“Ali is also responsible for Al-Shabaab propaganda targeting the Kenyan government and civilians, such as a July 2017 video in which he issues threats to Muslims serving in Kenya’s security forces,” the US State Department revealed in a press release dated August 2018.


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