Meteor north Florida, fireball fell from the sky near Perry


Meteor north Florida, fireball fell from the sky near Perry.

It was out of this world! Social media is lighting up with 100s of comments, photos, and videos after a very bright meteor (known as a fireball) lit up the night sky across North Florida.

The fireball fell from the sky near Perry, FL in Taylor County at approximately 11:52 pm EDT on Saturday, according to data shared by the National Weather Service in Tallahassee. The fireball could be seen from 100s of miles away including in Gainesville. Reports of the sighting are coming in from all across Florida and as far as Alabama and Georgia. Tweets to the National Weather Service indicate that people in Taylor County heard a loud noise from the fireball.

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The location of this fireball was discovered by a weather satellite product that is used to track lightning in thunderstorms. The Geostationary Lightning Mapping (GLM) data on the GOES-16 weather satellite picked up on the bright meteor in Taylor County. Like lightning, fireballs are also very bright which is why GLM products can pick up on them.

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Bright meteors are only visible for a few seconds due to their fast speeds.
As of early Sunday morning, it’s not known whether the space rock hit the ground or broke up in the atmosphere before impact.

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