Cruise ship stranded Norway, Passengers were hoisted one-by-one from


Cruise ship stranded Norway, Passengers were hoisted one-by-one from.

A cruise ship became stranded after experiencing engine problems amid strong winds and heavy seas off the coast of Norway on Saturday.

A mayday call was sent out by the Viking Sky cruise ship after the vessel ran into propulsion issues off Norway’s western coast on Saturday afternoon.

The ship managed to anchor in Hustadvika Bay, between the cities of Alesund and Trondheim, Norway, according to local authorities.

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The vessel has since successfully restarted three of its four engines and will be towed to the port of Molde, according to AFP.

Rescue teams with helicopters and boats rushed to the scene to evacuate the estimated 1,300 passengers and crew aboard the ship after it became stranded.

A majority of the passengers are British and American tourists.

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High winds and rough seas that tossed the ship back and forth made rescue operations extremely difficult and dangerous.

About 338 people have been evacuated thus far by being hoisted one-by-one to safety, AFP reported. Seventeen people have been hospitalized.

Helicopter evacuations continue as the ship is being towed to port.

“It was just chaos. The helicopter ride from the ship to shore I would rather not think about. It wasn’t nice,” American passenger John Curry told Norwegian public broadcaster NRK.

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“Strong northwesterly winds will continue on Sunday along with the risk of showers,” AccuWeather Meteorologist Brett Rathbun said. “Waves will be on the order of 15 feet (5 meters) to as much as 25 feet (8 meters) on Sunday.”

Rathbun stated that drier and less windy weather is in store for Monday.


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