Steve King Hurricane Katrina, praised Iowans for showing


Steve King Hurricane Katrina, praised Iowans for showing.

Rep. Steve King (R-IA) reportedly aimed a thinly veiled dis at victims of Hurricane Katrina on Thursday while speaking at a town hall in Iowa. According to video posted by HuffPost, King praised Iowans for showing that they can “take care of each other” and suggested their response to recent flooding was appreciated because it differed so much from that of residents in New Orleans following Hurricane Katrina. “I saw that from the air and from the ground and went back and did what we could to help those folks down there,” King recalled from his visit to New Orleans. “But here’s what FEMA tells me: ‘We go to a place like New Orleans and everybody’s looking around saying who’s gonna help me, who’s gonna help me?’” He then said the official praised the people of Iowa for not relying on outside assistance during times of need. “They’re just always gratified when they come and see Iowans take care of each other, so that’s a point of pride that spreads across the country,” he said.

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