Lake Michigan ice shards, incredible and surreal scene


Lake Michigan ice shards, incredible and surreal scene .

The arctic blasts of winter have passed, but they’ve left behind an incredible and surreal scene of ice on Lake Michigan.

Joel Bissel with Michigan Live found what appeared to be millions of glass-like shards of ice covering the waters near South Haven on Tuesday.

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Bissel says 56 percent of the lake was still covered in ice as of March 8, but the motion of the waters under the ice broke up the solid sheet into what looks like shattered glass.

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“Despite its initial appearance, the ice shards are a result of Lake Michigan melting,” writes Trevor Nance with “As the frozen lake melts, the liquid water waves below the ice push broken pieces of ice against one another along the coastline. The stacked pattern of broken lake ice formed incredible patterns associated with the movement of waves below the ice.”

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The Coast Guard is warning boaters to stay out of icy waters as the ice is dangerous.


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