Anne Brokenbrow bucket list wish, ride in Rolls Royce


Anne Brokenbrow bucket list wish, ride in Rolls Royce.

When a care home took part in a scheme to give their patients their lifelong wishes, the requests were fairly achievable. One wanted to ride in Rolls Royce, another wanted to visit a motorcycle club, whilst one simply wanted a hand massage and a chat.

But 104-year-old Anne Brokenbrow went a bit off-piste with her request when she asked to get arrested. The pensioner said: “I am 104 and I have never been on the wrong side of the law.”

As it happens, Anne’s wish was one of the first to be granted, with a local PCSO team stepping in to help her tick off the bucket list.

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They arrested the former secretary on the grounds of ‘being an upstanding citizen’, and whisked her off into custody.

Speaking about her brush with the law, Anne said: “I had a lovely day it was interesting. Nothing like that ever happened to me before. They put the handcuffs on, I had the lot.

“What did it feel like being a criminal? Well it will make me much more careful of what I say and do. But the police were very nice throughout.”

She continued: “I’ve got grandchildren, all fit and well – I hear a lot from them and see them quite often.”

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Anne, who has dementia, has been at the home for 10 months, where she is regularly visited by her granddaughter Sasha who she raised.

The Bristol care home, where Anne lives, was part of a scheme designed to invite members of the public to help the elderly.

The Wishing Washing Line project is in conjunction with a local Co-op store – the idea is that local shoppers can step in to help care home residents with their ‘wishes’. It launched in Essex initially, where it helped thousands of older people.

Simon Bernstein, CEO of Alive Activities, who run the scheme, said: “Our charity provides lots of creative activities for older people and engage the community in coming into care homes.

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“It can be very boring and quite lonely sometimes – with the best will in the world, some of the care staff don’t have the time to engage people in meaningful activities.

“It can be as simple as going to the pub for a pint, or having somebody to knit with or play bridge with, it can be anything.

“One man said he wanted to see Elvis – but you can’t make every wish come true.”

We’re not crying, you are.


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