Michael Cohen documents release, after Mueller’s appointment


Michael Cohen documents release, after Mueller’s appointment.

The search warrant also reveals that special counsel Robert Mueller started collecting Cohen’s emails in July 2017. This is nearly a year before the raid on Cohen’s office and only weeks after Mueller’s appointment to be special counsel.

In February, Pauley ordered the government to submit redacted search warrant material related to the raid, saying that the redactions are necessary in part because “aspects” of the Cohen investigation continue.
“This court concludes that disclosure of the materials with redactions strikes an appropriate balance between the strong presumption of public access to search warrant materials and the countervailing interests identified by the Government,” Pauley wrote at the time. “In particular, the government represents that aspects of its investigation remain ongoing, including those pertaining to or arising from Cohen’s campaign finance crimes.”
Federal prosecutors in the Southern District of New York had previously revealed an “ongoing” grand jury investigation related to the Cohen case as part of their effort to keep the search warrant material in the case sealed.
One of Cohen’s lawyers, Lanny Davis, said in a statement Monday night that the release of the materials related to the raid “only furthers his interest in continuing to cooperate and providing information and the truth about Donald Trump and the Trump Organization to law enforcement and Congress.”
Cohen was sentenced to three years in prison by Pauley in December for multiple crimes, including campaign finance violations stemming from payments Cohen made or helped orchestrate in 2016 that were designed to silence women who claimed affairs with then-candidate Trump. Cohen is scheduled to report to prison on May 6.

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