UEFA Ronaldo celebration, opened disciplinary proceedings


UEFA Ronaldo celebration, opened disciplinary proceedings.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s incredible hat-trick against Atletico Madrid carried Juventus into the quarter-final of the Champions League, however UEFA have opened disciplinary proceedings against the Portuguese forward after he made an inappropriate gesture in one of his celebrations. After being on the receiving end of some rather crass insults from Atletico supporters in the first leg, Ronaldo responded by making the aforementioned lewd gesture in their direction in the second leg. UEFA have deemed it to be inappropriate conduct in relation to articles 11 (2) (b) and 11 (2) (d), which specially focus on behaviours or acts that are insulting or violate the basic rules of decency. A decision on what punishment will be handed down to the former Manchester United icon will be decided on March 21, although a precedent has already been set fairly recently. Diego Simeone made virtually the same gesture during the first leg, albeit towards his own fans, and he was given a 20,000 euro fine, but no touchline suspension. However, Ronaldo’s case has been aggravated by the fact his actions were deemed to be towards opposing supporters and were incendiary.

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