Anthony Comello Frank Cali, arrested on Saturday from his Brick


Anthony Comello Frank Cali, arrested on Saturday from his Brick.

Cops have taken a 24-year-old construction worker into custody for the killing of Gambino crime family boss Francesco ‘Franky Boy’ Cali.

US Marshals apprehended Anthony Comello from his Brick, New Jersey home on Saturday morning and he’s expected to face murder charges for the brutal killing, NYPD announced in a press conference Saturday.

Comello, originally from Staten Island, is believed to have no ties to the mob himself – with initial reports indicating cops think the murder was the work of a lovesick madman.

His dispute with Cali may have stemmed from the mob boss’s refusal to let Comello date his niece, who was inside the home when Cali was gunned down outside, a police source told the Daily Beast.

Comello worked odd construction jobs has been described as ‘a complete nut’ and as a ‘conspiracy theory type’, various sources say.

Crime scene investigators discovered a stash of weapons while searching Comello’s Staten Island home on Saturday, sources told WCBS-TV.

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Comello claimed he was high on marijuana and was acting in self defense because Cali had a gun, but the sources say police have so far found no evidence to confirm that claim.

Police say Comello has a limited criminal history, including a parking ticket he got on Staten Island on the day of the murder.

He’s currently being held in a New Jersey jail and police are are investigating to see if others were involved in the crime.

On Saturday a pick-up truck matching one sighted at the crime scene and belonging to Comello was also recovered by police.

Police were led to the suspect after finding a finger print on the license plate of Cali’s silver Escalade, which had fallen from the vehicle after the killer crashed into his car.

In surveillance footage of the murder, a man can be seen handing the plate back to him before opening fire.

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Comello is expected to be charged with the murder, NYPD Chief of Detectives Dermot Shea said in a press conference on Saturday.

Shea also added that Cali’s mafia ties are still being considered in the investigation.

Police haven’t yet determined a specific motive and are working to see if Comello was working alone or was hired to carry out the killing.

It’s not yet clear whether Comello has a criminal history.

‘While we believe we have the shooter in custody in this incident, the investigation is far from over,’ Shea said.

The murder weapon, a 9mm pistol, has not yet been recovered.

The deadly interaction was captured in full from a surveillance camera installed at Cali’s Staten Island mansion.

The 53-year-old can be seen heading out the front door of his home on the evening of March 13, after a blue pickup truck reversed forcefully into his stationary Cadillac Escalade.

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The footage – which had to be obtained by a warrant – shows Cali and the man engaging in a conversation, before shaking hands.

The man then passes Cali a licence plate that had fallen off his Escalade.

But as the crime boss turns his back to place the plate in the trunk of his car, the hitman, believed to be between 25 and 40-years-old, unsheathes a 9mm pistol and opens fire.

‘It’s not like they came out, started a fistfight,’ a police source told the New York Post. ‘The importance of that is — it’s almost as if proof of the concept that hitting the car was contrived.

‘It doesn’t look like there was any rage.’

The gunman pulled the trigger 12 times, striking Cali at least six.

Attempting the flee the onslaught of bullets, Cali tried to hide beneath his car, which initially led investigators to believe he’d been run over in the hit.


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