Chris Ferry birthday billboard, who live in Palm Beach County


Chris Ferry birthday billboard, who live in Palm Beach County.

Chris Ferry doesn’t turn 62 until Saturday, but thousands of people have already contacted him with birthday wishes.

That’s because his sons, who live in Palm Beach County, were looking for a special way to honor their father — and hit a social media home run in the process.

The billboard is in New Jersey, where Ferry lives, and went up a few days ago along a highway in Linwood, outside Atlantic City. It reads: “Wish my dad happy birthday” and has Ferry’s cellphone number with its 561 South Florida area code.

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So far, Ferry has received more than 15,000 texts, phone calls and Facebook postings with birthday messages.

Ferry had to get a new cellphone number and leave a voicemail message on the highly publicized one saying “thank you for calling to wish me a happy birthday, I really very much appreciate it.”

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Ferry’s son, also named Chris Ferry who lives in Boynton Beach, told WPBF-Ch. 25 that he and his brother Michael never thought their plan would hatch so many well-wishers.

“We thought it was going to be a local joke, people would call,” the younger Ferry told the station. “I guess when we put it on social media, that’s when it really started going crazy.”

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Father Chris Ferry visited the billboard site and, of course, posted a selfie with it to social media.

He is appreciative of all the birthday wishes but is sort of looking forward to April 6 — when the billboard will come down.


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