Seattle human trafficking rescue, 26 women freed in Seattle


Seattle human trafficking rescue, 26 women freed in Seattle.

Police have arrested six people and shut down 11 massage parlors in or near Seattle’s Chinatown-International District after a four-year investigation into human sex trafficking.

Authorities said the massage parlors were part of a sex trade network that’s operated in and around the district for years.

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“This investigation was about dismantling a criminal organization,” said Seattle Deputy Chief of Police Marc Garth-Green.

From January 2015 until the six arrests were made during the last few weeks, detectives investigated various spas and massage parlors around Seattle.

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Police say more than 26 sex workers have been rescued since the investigation began. Many of the women, who range in age from 20 to 65, were brought to the U.S. from mainland China. They lived, worked and performed sex acts inside the businesses.

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“They were living on those sites,” said Seattle Police Capt. Mike Edwards, who headed the investigation. “They were working 14, 20-hour days, seven days a week, no real time off.”

Officials said the women lived in squalor and earned minimal wages.


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