Dying man, President Trump: help of the man’s sister, a Democrat


Dying man, President Trump: help of the man’s sister, a Democrat.

A dying man has one wish: to meet President Donald Trump.

His sister, a Democrat, is doing her best to make it happen, and Trump has responded.

CBS affiliate WFSB in West Haven, Connecticut, says Jay Barrett, who has cystic fibrosis and an outlook of only a few months, got a call from the White House and a gift is on its way from the president.

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Even though Bridgette Hoskins is a Democrat, she emailed the White House and had her friends do it, too.

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WFSB says Tuesday, Housing and Urban Development Secretary Lynn Patton, who is from New Haven, called Barrett, then put the president on the line.

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Hoskie posted a video of the phone call on Facebook (warning: some may find the language objectionable).

Barrett is a Trump supporter and wants to live long enough to vote for him again in 2020.


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