Cordless TV patent Samsung, found a way to truly cut the cord


Cordless TV patent Samsung, found a way to truly cut the cord.

Samsung has long emphasized a streamlined look for its TV sets, doing its best to minimize the rat’s nest of cords that run from the set to the nearest power outlet, cable box, and other peripherals. Now it may have found a way to truly cut the cord.

A recently revealed patent filing by the company shows a proposed television design that is completely cordless, using wireless power technology that’s currently used on smartphones.

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It’s worth noting that companies often patent devices that never make it to market. And there’s no guarantee this TV is a part of Samsung’s development roadmap. But two years ago at CES, it did roll out a set that eliminated HDMI ports from the TV and transferred them all to an external device, which was connected to the TV via a very thin, easily hidden cord. So the company certainly has shown an interest in doing away with cords.

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The patent proposes using electromagnetism to power the set, via a small box that would be mounted below the TV (about the size of a TV speaker bar). Presumably, the power cord to that box could be hidden in an entertainment center.

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Samsung has a history of going big in its TV designs, often literally. At CES earlier this year, the company showcased a 219-inch set (a followup to last year’s 146-inch TV). The company has also put aside its rivalry with Apple, with plans to bring Apple’s iTunes store onto its sets later this spring.


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