Net neutrality new bill, companies voice out their concerns


Net neutrality new bill, companies voice out their concerns.

Ever since the FCC rolled back the net neutrality rules, there has been a bit of a fight in an attempt to bring it back. We saw tech companies voice out their concerns about the lack of net neutrality, and we even saw individual states attempt to introduce state-side net neutrality rules of their own.

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However for those who think that net neutrality is a good thing, then you’ll be pleased to learn that the Democrats in the US Congress plan to introduce a new bill that will reinstate the previous net neutrality rules. This was revealed by House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi who said that they would be working with their colleagues in the US Senate to help pass the bill.

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For those unfamiliar with what this entails, basically, net neutrality rules was where it would have banned internet providers from blocking or slowing internet connections. For example in theory, without net neutrality, an internet provider could charge users more money to access certain websites, or slow down the speeds for some companies unless they were willing to pay more for more bandwidth.

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However, with net neutrality rules, it basically says that all internet traffic will be seen as equal. While the rules have currently been rolled back, to the credit of most companies, we haven’t really seen anyone attempt to abuse it, but at the same time having those rules in place might not necessarily be the worst thing, right?


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