Newark airport plane collision, Two planes collided at snow-hit


Newark airport plane collision, Two planes collided at snow-hit.

A Southwest Airlines plane struck another one of the US operator’s aircraft, which was parked at a terminal gate at the New York airport, while taxiing. Horrified passengers looked out of the plane’s window to see a sheet of metal, which appeared to have come from the aircraft’s wing, had dropped onto the tarmac. Social media pictures taken by passengers inside one of the aircraft shows a wing slammed into the tail of another plane while a further image shows an airport worker picking up a sheet of metal which had dropped to the ground moments earlier.

Passengers vented their frustration at being stuck on the stationary plane on social media.

The flyers said they were being held on board and had been told to remain seated with their seatbelts fastened.

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Bryan Rogers said: “Well looks like my Florida vacation will be actually be at Newark Airport because my Southwest plane just got hit by another plane on the tarmac.”

Meanwhile Sara Miller wrote: “It appears that another Southwest plane hit our plane.

“Again, very concerned about your safety practices here.”

“The SouthwestAir flight attendants keep telling us that we can’t go anywhere until everyone is sitting down and buckled but everyone is sitting so we’re very confused here.”

She later added: “We are backing up and can see part of our wing lying on the ground.”

Another passenger said: “Plane collision at EWR. SouthwestAir. Not looking good to get to FLL by 2pm.”

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A concerned husband tweeted: “Wife on Southwest flight and another plane hit hers while waiting to de ice.

“Now waiting to see if anyone can fly out.”

A statement by Newark Liberty International Airport confirmed the incident.

A spokesman said: “There are no injuries after a taxiing Southwest plane struck wings with a parked airliner at an EWR Terminal A gate shortly after 7am.

“Passengers will be rebooked.”

It is unclear what caused the collision but the airport has been hit by a significant weather front and is blanketed in snow.

America’s Weather Channel tweeted this morning: “Snow is now falling in Boston, and earlier this morning, 1-inch-per-hour snow rates were observed at both JFK and Newark Airports.

“Fortunately, today’s Northeast system is a quick mover.”

The Newark crash came less than 24 hours after a Vienna-bound flight burst into flame while taking-off.

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A departing Stagnated flight had to suddenly abort take-off while careering down the runway last night after an “explosion on the wing” injured eight people.

The Laudamotion plane caught fire and “skidded” to a halt on the runway, forcing airport officials to halt flights for several hours.

Passenger Thomas Steer described the horror and ensuing chaos as people on board the plane scrambled to get off the burning plane.

Mr Steer said there had been about 15 seconds of acceleration before there was a “big bang on the side of the aircraft which skidded to a stop”.

The 24-year-old estate agent from Essex added: “It was scary and then staff were shouting ‘evacuate, evacuate’.


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