House gun background checks, Senate vows to shoot them down


House gun background checks, Senate vows to shoot them down.

The House passed two bills this week to strengthen gun background checks. The Democratic majority in the House made this gun control legislation a top priority. But, Anna Wiernicki reports the bill may be empty gestures, as the Republican-controlled Senate may not even vote on the bills and the president has already threatened a veto.

For the first time in more than 20 years, the House passed two substantial gun control bills.

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On Wednesday, the Democratic majority and a handful of Republicans approved an HR-8, which requires background checks for virtually all firearm sales.

The bill’s author is California Democrat Mike Thompson. He says, “This will not stop every death, but it will stop some.”

But, Virginia Republican Ben Cline says the bill will not save lives. “Gun control measures do not address the problems of gun violence.”

On Thursday, the House passed a second gun control bill to close the so-called Charleston Loophole, named for the 2015 church shooting in South Carolina where a gunman killed nine people. The gunman had a criminal record but was able to buy a gun because the background check took longer than three days. This bill would extend the review period to 10 days.

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The two bills are headed to the Senate where Republicans have already said they won’t support them.

Senator Rick Scott says, “I think it makes law abiding citizens criminals, and I think that’s wrong.”

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Scott says it would put an unnecessary burden on gun owners. “You should be able to, as a law abiding citizen, be able to own your guns and not worry about not allowing another family member to use them.”

President Donald Trump agrees with the Florida Senator. He vowed to veto both bills if they make it to his desk.


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