Crayons for sick children, group to melt down and reuse


Crayons for sick children, group to melt down and reuse.

Hundreds of volunteers helped sort crayons this week, for a project that helps bring art to sick kids.

“Art was important to me growing up. It kept me focused. Definitely gave me an escape, which hospitalized children need to get,” said Bryan Ware with The Crayon Initiative.

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About 250 employees from CSAA Insurance in Glendale worked in one-hour shifts over two days to sort thousands of donated crayons by color.

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The Crayon Initiative, a nonprofit, will melt them down and press them into fresh crayons to be given away at children’s hospitals across the country.

Ware founded the nonprofit in 2014. CSAA was one of the first major partners of the initiative.

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The Crayon Initiative is driven by donations and volunteer work. To donate or ask for a crayon collection bin for your community, visit


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