North Carolina firefighters babysitters, being awesome kid sitters


North Carolina firefighters babysitters, being awesome kid sitters.

Firefighters in Harrisburg, North Carolina responded to a routine medical call this week, but what they did after certainly went above and beyond the call of duty.

FOX 46 Charlotte reported that the firefighters of Engine-3 were dispatched for a medical call and the patient needed to be transported to the hospital by ambulance. The patient’s wife needed to join him, leaving the two children alone until their grandparents could arrive.

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“Sometimes we do what needs to be done,” the firefighters shared on Facebook. “The parents of these two guys needed to get to the Hospital by Ambulance and it was going to be about 30 minutes till Grandpa could make it from another county. The crew of Engine-3 to the the rescue! The guys enjoyed the next bit being awesome kid sitters till family arrived, we love our community.”

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While none of the first responders at the scene have children of their own, they proved to be naturals when it came to the babysitting gig. Members of Engine 3 posted photos of themselves playing with the young boys.

The Harrisburg community commended the firefighters for stepping in on Facebook, with one writing “you and your crew went above and beyond again. Sometimes the job isn’t all about going to fires.”

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“That is just so precious and makes me smile, thank you guys for being good neighbors as well as protecting our community!” another added.

Just in September, the firefighters in Harrisburg brought a smile to another boy’s face when they celebrated his third birthday after his friends had to cancel. Jackson’s mother, Melissa Reid, said at the time, “They saved my son’s birthday and this is something he’ll never forget.”


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