Lucky Charms beer, inspired by lazy Saturday mornings


Lucky Charms beer, inspired by lazy Saturday mornings.

Saturday is a magical day at any age. As an adult, you, hopefully, wake up late and aren’t worrying about work. (Or manage to get the kids to bed early so you can put back a beer in silence.) As a kid, Saturdays meant no school and early morning cartoons. Virginia’s Smartmouth Brewing is hoping to evoke the latter for adults with a new IPA inspired by lazy Saturday mornings and Lucky Charms.

While they’re not the first brewery to brew with cereal, the combination of Lucky Charms and Saturday mornings is hitting the nostalgia button for many excitable drinkers. The cereal was magically delicious (and for kids); the beer is being called “magically ridiculous” (and is for adults).

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The 6.6% ABV beer is brewed with marshmallows toasted in-house, as well as dehydrated marshmallow bits like you find in your favorite magically delicious cereal. It’s hopped and dry-hopped with Galaxy and Calypso hops for a final product the brewery describes as having a sweet and citrus nose with “a slight cereal taste.” As weird as it seems, it aligns fairly well with trends toward dessert stouts and softer, sweeter IPAs.

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“The beer was designed for adults to invoke memories of lazy Saturday mornings in front of the TV,” Chris Neikirk of Smartmouth tells Thrillist.

The limited release might not come with hours and hours of Chuck Jones pratfalls and footy pajamas, but that’s not too far off of the kind of event the brewery will be throwing to celebrate the beer’s release. It will be on draft and in cans at the Norfolk taproom starting Saturday, March 2 at noon. It will also get distribution around Virginia. If you’re not in the area, you’re out of luck.

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You’ll also be missing the “Saturday Morning All Day” party at the tasting room that includes limited edition t-shirts, board games, a comic book stand, a “Super Smash Bros” tournament, retro video games, and a cosplay contest where they’re encouraging you to dress as your favorite Saturday Morning Cartoon character. (Top Cat or bust.)


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