New Orleans shootout, armed robbery was killed


New Orleans shootout, armed robbery was killed.

A person of interest in an armed robbery was killed following a shootout with police that started at a bus stop Sunday night (Feb. 17) in downtown New Orleans.

Five innocent bystanders at the bus stop were injured in the shooting, New Orleans Police Superintendent Shaun Ferguson said.

Ferguson said uniformed NOPD officers “attempted to engage for questioning” a person of interest in an armed robbery that happened in the 6th District last week. Officers approached the person at an RTA bus stop at Canal Street and Elk Place around 6:45 p.m.

The person pulled a weapon and began firing at two officers, Ferguson said. NOPD officers returned fire, he said.

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Five innocent bystanders at the bus stop were struck, Ferguson said. One of them is in critical condition and is in surgery, he said, and the others are in stable condition.

Ferguson said it was too early in the investigation to determine whether the bystanders were struck by bullets from the officers’ guns or from the gunman’s weapon.

New Orleans EMS spokesman Jonathan Fourcade said a 17 year old was among the people transported to University Medical Center for treatment, though Ferguson characterized the five injured people as “adults.”

The gunfire continued down Elk Place toward Tulane Avenue, Ferguson said.

A Louisiana State Police trooper responding to the NOPD officers in danger call then encountered the gunman and was fired upon, he said.

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That officer returned fire, and the person fell to the ground, Ferguson said. Officers then removed the suspect’s weapon and transported the man to University Medical Center where he later died, he said.

No officers were injured in the shooting, but an NOPD officer was injured in a wreck on his way to the scene.

The officer’s car flipped between Napoleon Avenue and South Saratoga and Dryades streets.

NOPD spokesman Andy Cunningham said the officer was “up and talking.”

At the scene of the officer’s overturned car, a mangled sedan could be seen in the roadway.

Andrew Jones, who witnessed the crash, said he and a friend were walking by when the officer lost control and drove head-on into a live oak tree near South Saratoga Street.

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The car caught fire, and good Samaritans rushed in to help pull the officer out of the wrecked vehicle. Jones said the officer was walking before EMS arrived.

A witness described the scene as “like the ‘Wild Wild West.’”

The witness said he saw a man run down Tulane Avenue, then heard about 50 gunshots in a shootout between the man and more than one police officer.

He said he later saw authorities trying to revive the man after he fell in front of Tulane Medical Center.


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