Donated book money found, $4,000 literally fall into her lap


Donated book money found, $4,000 literally fall into her lap.

A woman volunteering at a charity book sale had $4,000 literally fall into her lap.

Thousands of shoppers flocked to the annual book sale in Phoenix last weekend. Volunteer Cathy McAllister noticed an obscure book titled “The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire” and was about to throw it away when she noticed a hole cut in the books pages.

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Inside the hole in the book was $4,000 in cash.

“I thought it was Monopoly money. I took a closer look and I thought, ‘This is real money!’,” McAllister said. “We do find money every so often. You find a one or a twenty sometimes, but this was a different category – not $4,000.”

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Thankfully, the book had a letter and address inside, making it possible for the money to be returned to its rightful owner. That man’s daughter told McAllister she quickly asked if there was more hidden cash.

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“She asked him ‘Dad, was there any other book that you did this with?’ I’m sure they went home and opened up every other book in the bookcase,” McAllister said.

The owner didn’t want to be identified, but his daughter asked him if he had given away any other books.


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