Worst rush-hour traffic, traffic over the course of a year


Worst rush-hour traffic, traffic over the course of a year.

Come on, you know you’ve said it before while sitting in a sea of red lights: “This has got to be the worst traffic in America.” Well, you were right.

The rush hour traffic in Boston is the most congested in the country, according to a new report from INRIX. The data research company said Boston drivers wasted an average of 164 hours stuck in rush hour traffic in 2018.

INRIX determined the time spent by taking data from its Global Traffic Scorecard. The results found that Boston drivers spent 27 percent more time in traffic during peak rush hour than they do during the fastest point between the morning and evening commute. At least that disparity wasn’t the worst around: Los Angeles drivers spend 58 percent more time in traffic during rush hour than in inter-peak times.

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One reason Boston had such less disparity, according to INRIX, is that it’s among the most reliant cities for public transit, walking and biking. “The result is the demand for road space is much more consistent throughout the day,” the report said.

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Boston Mayor Marty Walsh reacted to the report on his website, acknowledging the difficulties while hedging a bit.

“Independent analysts have pointed out that this annual report, historically, prioritizes fast driving over steady progress and punishes older, denser cities, where distances are shorter and alternatives to driving are more plentiful,” Walsh said.

Walsh also laid out some of the steps the city is taking in solving the issue, including adaptive traffic signals, bicycle infrastructure and public transit.

If you’re looking to add some years to your life and still live in a big city, try Tampa, FL, Nashville or Denver. All three of those cities have average rush hour traffic times under 90 hours.

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Here are the worst cities for average rush hour commute time in 2018:

1.) Boston – 164 hours lost

2.) Washington, DC – 155 hours lost

3.) Chicago and Seattle – 138 hours lost

5.) New York City – 133 hours lost

6.) Los Angeles – 128 hours lost

7.) Pittsburgh – 127 hours lost

8.) San Francisco and Portland, OR – 116 hours lost

10.) Philadelphia – 112 hours lost


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