Leaky space toilet ISS, This space toilet looks pretty innocuous, doesn’t it?


Leaky space toilet ISS, This space toilet looks pretty innocuous, doesn’t it?.

Turns out you deal with toilet leaks in space the same way you would on Earth.

The crew of the International Space Station had to use towels to soak up about 9.5 liters of leaked water, NASA wrote in a daily summary report.

The incident took place as the crew installed a new double-stall enclosure — which divides the toilet from the hygiene compartment — in the station’s Tranquility module (which at the time, was probably anything but).

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“Astronauts detached a connection point to the potable water system and about two-and-a-half gallons of water leaked from the system. As anyone who has worked on plumbing in their own home knows, these types of things sometimes happen,” a NASA spokesperson said in an emailed statement.

“Flight controllers evaluated the module’s systems and didn’t find any damage after the water was cleaned up. Astronauts then finished installing the new double stall enclosure in preparation for a new toilet system to be delivered to the space station in 2020.”

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The module holds life-support systems, like the one used to recycle water, and astronauts get exercise on a treadmill and weight-lifting machine. Back in 2016, we were treated to a 360-degree view of it.

Even when ISS loos function normally, relieving oneself isn’t quite as straightforward as it is on Earth. Astronaut Jack Fischer expressed his dread at the prospect in 2017.

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“Unlike most things, you just can’t train for that on the ground,” he said. “So I approach my space-toilet activities with respect, preparation and a healthy dose of sheer terror.”

NASA didn’t immediately respond to a request for further details about the logistics of cleaning up a leak in microgravity.


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