George W Bush pizza run for his Secret Service agents


George W Bush pizza run for his Secret Service agents.

In a show of solidarity with unpaid federal workers, George W. Bush made a pizza run for his Secret Service agents, posting it online with a call for an end to the partial government shutdown.

A photo uploaded to his Instagram account on Friday shows the former president greeting employees with a handful of stacked boxes in tow.

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″@LauraWBush and I are grateful to our Secret Service personnel and the thousands of Federal employees who are working hard for our country without a paycheck,” he wrote. “And we thank our fellow citizens who are supporting them.”

Turning the post into a call for bipartisanship, Bush added, “It’s time for leaders on both sides to put politics aside, come together, and end this shutdown.”

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As Democrats continue to resist President Donald Trump’s demands for more than $5 billion to build a border wall, the shutdown is closing in on its first month, inching toward a second with no end in sight.

Meanwhile thousands of federal workers remain either working without pay or furloughed, a portion of them now being recalled to punch the clock without compensation in agencies from the Internal Revenue Service to the Federal Aviation Administration.

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While Trump has asserted that Bush is among one of four living past presidents that have privately assured support for his wall, each has denied that claim. Earlier this month, Bush’s spokesperson told Politico he had never discussed the matter with Trump.


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