German submarine wreck, Discovered on French Beach


German submarine wreck, Discovered on French Beach.

The century-old wreckage was discovered on a beach in northern France. The metal frame, about fifty meters in length, lost in silt, was discovered after decades of being buried in the sand.

The submarine ran aground in July 1917 due to a miscalculation in navigation, according to researchers.

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“It was a destroyer, designed to set mines. However, for this it was necessary to get closer to the coast. At that time, on the high seas from England to France, they tied nets to fight submarines,” local guide Vincent Schmitt explained.

According to him, the crew evacuated after the submarine ran aground near the beach. There was later an explosion — the noise attracted the attention of a military patrol, who soon detained the German sailors on the shore.
“The wreck is visible briefly every two to three years, depending on the tides and the wind that leads to sand movements, but a good gust of wind and the wreck will disappear again,” said Wissant Mayor Bernard Bracq.

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This is not the first time a German submarine has been found in foreign countries or their territorial waters. Last September, divers found a well-preserved submarine wreckage near the Belgian Oostende, which sank during the First World War in the North Sea.

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