Ohio principal parking ticket, school district officials will not say if an officer


Ohio principal parking ticket, school district officials will not say if an officer.

City school district officials will not say if an officer, escorted out of a school after giving the principal a parking ticket, is allowed to return to his job at the building.

The school’s superintendent also declined to respond to questions asking if Warren Patrol Officer Adam Chinchic could return to the school.

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Chinchic was told to leave the building Tuesday, shortly after issuing Principal Carrie Boyer a ticket for parking in a handicap area. City Law Director Greg Hicks said Boyer is alleged to have parked her vehicle in the striped section next to a handicap parking space.

“That is not a parking area, it is meant to give more room for those who have wheelchairs or other equipment,” Hicks said. “She was warned several times not to park in that area but she continued to defy him.”

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Chinchic is now working patrol. It’s not known if he will return as a school resource officer.

“I don’t even know if he wants to go back to that school now,” Hicks said.

Meanwhile, Boyer’s ticket was filed with the Warren Municipal Court Thursday.

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Hicks said the ticket stands and Boyer can either pay it or fight it in court.

Members of the city police union feel Chinchic acted properly and should have never been removed from the school he worked at for about two years.

Boyer did not return a call to discuss the matter.


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