Barbara Cotton, Curtis Brewer marry 57 years later, Report


Barbara Cotton, Curtis Brewer marry 57 years later.

High school sweethearts who went to prom together have finally tied the knot 57 YEARS after losing contact when the woman’s mom died and the man went college.

Curtis Brewer and Barbara Cotton, who are both now in their 70s, got married in Wisconsin after going on ‘separate life journeys’.

The couple finally got their happily ever after they ‘never stopped loving each other’ and got wed on Saturday in Milwaukee.

Loved up Curtis and Barbara got back in touch on a website connecting old school friends and got engaged in July last year.

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Barbara, 72, told Fox6: ‘He had always loved me and I loved him. We were high school sweethearts and I went to his junior prom and senior prom. We dated through high school and went steady.

‘No one really loved me as much as Curtis loved me. It was such an unconditional loving relationship and no one was ever able to match that.’

They said they ‘never stopped loving each other’ but after Babara’s mom died she was left to look after her five brothers and Curtis went off to college.

It meant that they technically ‘never broke up’ but drifted apart before being reunited.

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Curtis said: ‘She saw me on I answered her back, I answered her real quick.’

After dating for a few years Curtis finally proposed to his soulmate in August last year and the pair got hitched.

He added: ‘I called her on the phone and said, ‘Would you?’ That’s all I got out, she said yes, would you marry me — I couldn’t get marry out.’

Friends set up a GoFundMe for the pair, writing: ’57 years from their Prom Night, God found a way to bring them together. They never broke up, but were separated by forces beyond their control. They never stopped loving each other as they continued on their separate life journeys.

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‘On July 15th 2018, they became engaged! It’s still hard for them to actually believe they are together and will be getting married very soon.’

The couple are now looking forward to their new life together and are raising money for an RV.

Cotton said: ‘We know that God is in charge. No one could have planned this. We know this was meant to be.’

Brewer added: ‘It’s a beautiful day. I’m blessed.’


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