Missouri policeman kitten Caught on Camera, Report


Missouri policeman kitten Caught on Camera, Report.

A Missouri policeman stopped in the middle of a busy highway to rescue a tiny kitten perched on the center divider.

North Kansas City Officer Jason Smith was patrolling Interstate 29 when he was confronted with the strange sight.

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He pulled his cruiser onto the left shoulder, stopped and got out. Bodycam footage shows him calling to the kitten, then scooping it up as cars whooshed by.

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Inside Smith’s vehicle, the cat sat on Smith’s lap, then explored its new surroundings, accidentally switching on his car’s lights and siren. As the officer put the car in gear and drove away, the kitten purred and meowed while Smith rubbed its ears.

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He took the feline to an animal shelter, then later adopted the kitten and took it home to his family.


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