Listen: Rush Limbaugh Tells the 'True Story of Thanksgiving' (Report)


Wednesday on his nationally syndicated radio present, conservative talker Rush Limbaugh informed what he has labeled the “true story of Thanksgiving” to his listeners, an annual custom of his that was initially detailed in a passage of his 1992 guide “See, I Instructed You So.” In response to Limbaugh, the story had been mischaracterized through the years, and the actual success story of the Pilgrims stems from their rejection of socialism. Transcript as follows (courtesy of Now, usually, girls and gents, I save the annual studying of the true story of Thanksgiving from my second guide, See, I Instructed You So, to shut the top of the third hour of this system at the moment. I’ve discovered that I turn out to be so expansive and I start to ad-lib and add varied observations to the studying that I discover myself in a hurried state making an attempt to complete it. So I believe I’m going to open this hour with the studying of the Actual Story of Thanksgiving. It’s necessary to do it each yr. Once I found what it was when writing the guide, I realized that even I as a younger boy had not been informed your entire fact of the primary

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